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Velina Lujan

Velina’s Education and Training:

Certification in Holistic Stress Management Instruction

Certified Massage Therapist – Healing Spirits

Certificate in Comfort Touch

Master of Arts, Transpersonal Counseling Psychology

Certified Dahn Healer – Mago Garden, Sedona, AZ

Certificate of Bodywork with Trauma Survivors - Therapeutic Spiral Int’l

Esalen Massage Intensive – Esalen Institute

Certificate in Gerontology from DU Graduate School of Social Work

“From the earliest time I can remember I had a calling to help ease the suffering of others. In High School, Sally Struthers brought me to tears with the images of the starving children all over the world. So I saved my lunch money so I could “adopt” a child for only $18 a month. Many years later, the Medical Director at the nursing home I worked for wrote about me, stating that I had “an uncommon level of empathy”.  This has always been the case.

My life’s work has always been focused on making the world a little better place. I was introduced to psychology at a very young age by my parents. I was also encouraged to find a spiritual path that spoke to my soul. My sole foundation in life was rooted in psychology and Christianity. However, I spent my entire life seeking truth through all the world’s religions as well as philosophies from all corners and traditions of the earth.

From working in a deaf pre-school to processing housing rehabilitation government loans to home owners, I have worked in various settings with many different populations. I found my niche as a nursing home social worker for 10 years but later found much joy owning and operating a wellness center in Boulder serving all ages and conditions. 

My most recent passion has been in working with people of all ages to rediscover their passion and restore their joy and inspiration for life, however that looks for them. Whether you are a caregiver in a senior home, a stay-at-home mom, a high powered executive or anything in between, if you are not finding life deeply satisfying and filled with joy, then it is my passion to help you find the missing link or the “thorn” that is robbing you of your life’s joy and purpose. 

In addition to my private practice, I also provide consultation to Dr. Grossman’s longevity patients at Grossman Wellness Center as well as residents and their families in local senior living centers. My passion and gift is to educate and inspire. Speaking engagements are a joy and privilege in any setting. My practice currently resides in Lakewood, CO. 

In addition to my work, I find great joy in spending time with my husband and family. I have a passion for singing, dancing, hiking, cycling, dining out, entertaining, reading, laughing to silly comedy, and communing with friends.”


Please see the links below for more information on the schools and institutions I have attended.

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    I have been to many massage therapists before and I can say that Velina is the best in her profession, very professional and caring. She really cares about her clients and about her work.

    Raghu Nandan
    Denver, CO